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Think you just need a new Website?

... or do you really want more Customers?

Don't just get a Website - get a website that WORKS!

What most Web Developers won't tell you is that Graphic Design has very little to do with the success of a website.

Your website has to build trust and your content has to be engaging. People respond to your key message, offers, and calls-to-action, not stock photographs or pretty design.

Unfortunately, web copy is usually neglected, and often left to you, the client.

At Globi, we make sure your website maximizes the chance of converting each visitor into a buyer with a planned strategy, professional copy, killer headlines, and irresistible calls-to-action.

Why Pay Any Money for Half a Solution?

With a custom website, you know it will work right!

Using something like WordPress can get you up and running quickly and cheaply. But know the risks (30,000 WordPress sites are hacked each day).

There are many CMS solutions that may come close to your requirements, but none will fit them all. You have the choice of dropping features, or modifying the CMS. Neither one is optimal.

Globi delivers custom solutions, so that we can address ALL of your requirements. And for complicated websites, custom is always cheaper anyway.

Does your Website send Enquiries to Email Hell?

Fully Integrated and Automated Web Solutions

Don't manage your sales leads and customer enquiries in email. It's inefficient and can cost you tens-of-thousands in lost sales and revenue.

Get your sales leads directly into your CRM. We can integrate your website with proven solutions that keep you organized and profitable.

With automated marketing you get more prospects, and they stay more engaged. This significantly increases the chance of visitors choosing you over your competition.

Professional Calgary Web Design Done Right

Do you really just want a Website?... or do you want more Customers?

Get a Website that makes your Business look Good

Let's face it. Image is everything. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Globi's highly-skilled graphic design team can create a design for your business that instills confidence in site visitors, and portrays the professional image you really need to be successful.

Get a Website that Works

There's more to a successful website than just graphics. Your text copy has to build rapport within seconds, and provide visitors with the information they need when and where they need it. Our copywriters can craft engaging offers and calls-to-action to guide visitors to specific goals. Don't leave this up to chance.

Get Found on the Internet

Just like with brick-and-mortar stores, your website needs high-quality traffic. Our skilled marketing team can build and manage successful campaigns to bring you business. Search Engine Optimization is a good long-term strategy, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising is great for immediate traffic.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We would always expect the benefits from our services to be worth several times the investment. After all, we strive to be the BEST Professional Calgary Web Design Company. Our commitment is to our clients, and we'll keep working until you're completely happy with the end result.

Highest Service Levels in the Industry

Don't wait on your web developer. Your developer should be waiting on you! Globi has the Highest Service Levels in the Web Design Industry.

Ranked #4 Website Design Company in Canada

Independent organization "Top SEO's" has consistently ranked Globi in the top 10, not only for web design and development, but also for website auditing and online marketing.

One-Stop-Shop for All your Web Services

If you have too many vendors, you have too many contact points, conflicting results, and inter-vendor finger-pointing. Globi provides all your Internet services, including design & development, programming, marketing, and hosting.

Building Business-Grade Websites since 1999

Globi Web Solutions has been building Professional-Grade Websites since 1999 - that's experience you can count on. We've seen the Internet evolve, and know how to fast-track without getting into pitfalls.

Don't just take Our Word for it.

Read what Clients are saying:

Best Solutions for Clients

“Knowledge, information sharing, and attention to detail... a 10/10. You guys always have solutions and ways to make the situation best work for the client.”

Glenn Chomiak ~ Lifecraft Personal Development & Executive Coaching

Spot-on Communication

“The communication between everyone was spot on and you always responded very quickly to my emails. This is a huge reason why I am very happy with this experience.”

Steve Driedger ~ Ironwood Building Systems

Immediate Answers

“Just wanted you to know that I think you guys do a fantastic job. You are one of the few companies I have dealt with that have answers and solutions immediately. No waiting for a week.”

Sandra Anonson ~ FibreClean

Excellent Technical Skills & Experience

“Globi's technical skills and depth of experience were key factors in the success of the project. Items that proved to be obstacles to other web development companies were not even a concern with Globi.”

Steve Gasparovic ~ Code Excellence

Amazing Response Rates

“We were thrilled to see how quickly these website changes produced results for us, a better response than we've had in years!”

Caroline Coderre ~ Darrow Wealth Management

Bringing in Leads

“I don't know what you guys did, but I never got that kind of action from my site before! Since Globi took over my website I've landed at least 3 large contracts that found me through my website.”

Gord Denny ~ Honey-Do Handyman

Super-Fast Turnaround

“I really appreciate how quickly you expedite changes. Service is a rare entity these days!”

Karen Pendleton ~ Emery Conference Center Hotel

Light Years Ahead

“After dealing with two previous website developers Globi was light years ahead and a joy to deal with.”

Kim Argent ~ Taylor Argent Legacy Foundation

Personal Support

“A pleasure to work with, and great personal support that is hard to find these days!”

Gabi Harkham ~ Luxe International Hotels

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Only Limited Engagements Available

To ensure we provide the highest quality of work and service, Globi only takes on 1-2 new projects per month. We are very selective of whom we work with and what we work on. We want to be proud of our work, and you to be amazed by the results. Open a dialogue about your project with us, and let's see if we're a good fit.

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