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Getting Inside Your Website Visitor’s Head with MouseFlow

MouseFlow is an online service that can record all the mouse movements and clicks that your website visitors perform while browsing your site. It gathers valuable data that shows you which areas of your site are popular and which are not, helping you get inside your visitors’ head, and ultimately, to improve your website's design and usability.

How does it work?

First you have to sign up here. There is a free plan for one domain, offering 100 recorded sessions and 1 month storage of recorded data. Once you’ve signed up you’ll have to copy-paste a tiny javascript code on your website. Each time a unique visitor browses your website, the script will record their session and send data in a small compressed package to the MouseFlow platform from where you will be able to access it.

The script does not affect the user experience of your website, nor does it record personal data that might affect the privacy of the visitors. It should be pointed out that because MouseFlow records the data from the whole user experience, it gives you more accurate statistics than conventional web analysis tools, which record only snapshots of the session.


MouseFlow records the mouse actions of every unique visitor that browses your website, including movements, key strokes, and clicks, so you will get a clear idea of what visitors are doing on your site. You are then able to play back the visitor session, and discover the problematic parts of your site.

After you take a look at the playback, you want to delve more deeply into the data and look at the other statistics. You can analyze every link on your site, access an overview of the clicks your pages get, discover which non-links are clicked, as well as check the bounce rate of a page.

A powerful feature of MouseFlow is the Heatmaps, which are available for movements as well as for clicks. These show you which parts of your page get the most clicks, and help you understand how visitors move their mouse. With the insight provided by Heatmaps you will be able to improve your site design tremendously.

Viewport maps are another feature you’ll love. It gives you data on how much time users spend on various parts of each webpage, and on how far they scroll down the page. There's truth to the “above the fold” debate.

Is it for you?

MouseFlow has over 10,000 customers, including bloggers, e-commerce site owners, agencies, and corporations. It’s a useful web analysis tool for any site owner who wishes to understand the actions of their visitors and to make the necessary improvements to their pages to encourage visitors to stay on site for longer.

MouseFlow is especially useful if you want to find out whether visitors read your text or just look at the pictures, and to discover which parts of your site encourage the most interaction.

Advanced Tricks

Watching a recording of every single visitor to your website can take a long time. You probably would not even be interested in many of your visitors' actions. But if you pay money for PPC advertising, you'll likely be VERY interested in these visitor sessions. It's rather easy to add logic to the MouseFlow script on your website to only be active for PPC visitors, or visitors from a certain city, etc. This would also reduce the number of monthly recordings, possibly allowing for using a lower-cost MouseFlow plan.

andreas  •  February 1, 2013  •  Web Design

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