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Is SEO the new Diet Pill?

I was walking home from the gym the other day, lamenting what a hard workout it was. I was drained, and the whole gym excursion daily takes a big chunk out of my day.

I started dreaming that there gotta be an easier way, and starting thinking about all the magic pills on the market for losing weight.

Ah yes. This $50 bottle of pills will magically get me to drop 10lbs. Easy. I just need to buy this bottle, and then I can abandon the gym. Right?

Why do we so DESPERATELY want to believe sometimes? Why are we inherently such lazy organisms?

I KNOW what it takes to lose weight and/or maintain a certain physique. Beyond doubt. I studied exercise physiology long ago. The science makes perfect sense, and Occam's Razor simplifies it even more for us: calories in vs calories out.


But still. Maybe THIS bottle of magic herb will do the trick? No?


All these products do is make your wallet lighter, and you more miserable after another failure.

So what does this have to do with SEO?

It's almost the identical principle at work. Most of us KNOW what it takes to be on top – we have to be WORTHY. Our websites have to actually be great.

This means HARD WORK. Coming up with new ideas. Spending hour after hour crafting engaging copy. Pushing our brains to the limit to try and be original.

The world looks up to thought leaders, and to be a thought leader, you actually have to lead. You can't just regurgitate the same crap everyone else is. And you surely can't expect a $5/hr outsource contractor (who's home language isn't even English) to do this for you.

But SURELY there must be an easier way? Maybe THIS service will get my website to page 1 of Google for the $250 claimed? Maybe? Just maybe?


Like Thomas Magnum's “little voice” that continually was telling him stuff, we all have intuition, and better sense. I bet you've caught your own little voice on occasion telling you not to believe what you're seeing or reading.

But sometimes we want to believe SOOOO BAD. And I think this desire is directly proportional to the pain we know we would experience doing things the right way.

I'll drop $250 in the blink of an eye if it means I don't have to THINK. If I wouldn't have to labour for hours and hours.

Just like we want to have the body of an athlete whether we work out or not, and no matter what we eat, we also want our website to be ranked on page 1 of Google, whether it's deserving or not.

We should invent a little magic pill that dispenses doses of reality. Let's see who buys that :-)

andreas  •  January 8, 2013  •  SEO

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